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BUY 2 GET 1 FREE! – TKO V2 is specifically designed for NO wait time, TKO V2 works instantly with innovative micronization technology. It’s packed with high-dosed ingredients to get you the best workout in the gym.

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The All New TKO V2 by Savage Line Labs was specifically designed for NO wait time, using micronization technology. You can take a scoop as you’re walking into the gym and have it hit you before you lift your first weight. Be careful though, it’s a heavy hitter. 


  • Immediate Energy & Focus
  • Intense Pumps & Vascularity
  • Increased Stamina
  • Longer Workouts
  • High-Dosed Ingredients
  • No “Crash” or “Jitters”


Savage Line Labs is a leader in the hardcore bodybuilding supplements space, with over a decade of research & experience. Savage Line Labs creates all the supplements with one goal in mind, to create the most powerful bodybuilding supplements with the highest-dosed ingredients.

Savage Line caters to the customers that want to push the limits of of their physique naturally.


We strive to have the best products in the market, and we back that up with a 90 day money back guarantee on ALL of our products. If you decide for any reason, you don’t want to use our products, simply email us and we will prepare your full refund.


  • 90 money back guarantee
  • Registered Express Shipping
  • Scientific-backed research

How To Use

  • Serving Size: 30-60 Servings
  • Mix 1/2-1 scoops in 6-8oz of water and drink 10-20 minutes before training on an empty stomach.
  • Contains 200mg of caffeine per serving


How long does shipping take?

We ship all our orders the same day or next. Delivery times are 4-7 business days or 2-3 business days within the USA and Canada.

What is your return policy?

We offer a 90 day money back guarantee on all of our products! Simply email us, and you’ll get a full refund as long as the product is in it’s original packaging.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we offer free shipping on all orders over $200. 

Why should I buy from Gym Array?

Simply put, we only carry products that have been proven to have the highest dosages and to be the most effective. On top of that, we offer the lowest prices for all our products coupled with a 90 day money back guarantee! If you find the same product for cheaper elsewhere, just email us and we’ll match it!

5 reviews for TKO V2

  1. Jamie D

    Very Powerful Pre Workout! Love It. Thanks For The Great Products.

  2. Rob C

    Great pre-work out. Instant energy that allows me to power through all my workouts.

  3. Kamil T

    The pre is great.. had such crazy workout. The grape flavor tastes amazing

  4. Nancy K

    Awesome flavours and good ingredient selection!

  5. Craig B

    Love it. really good pre workout

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